Ryszard Wasko

Construction in Process

Construction in Process could only happen with the coincidence of unbelievable circumstances—a magical accumulation of energy.
—Maria Wasko

Construction in Process is a curiously chaotic, anarchistic, even fun-loving undertaking which is simultaneously truly creative, expanding the boundaries of artistic innovation, knowing no limits and no orthodoxies.
—Professor Zbigniew Brzezinski, Patron, The International Artists’ Museum

In 1981, in Lodz, Poland, Ryszard Wasko, along with a small group of local artists and filmmakers, secretly invited about 100 artists from outside of Poland to take part in a gathering which they named Construction in Process. The invited artists were promised food, shelter, and materials in return for paying for their own transportation. The event was totally illegal in occupied Poland. There was no food, shelter, or materials in Lodz for 100 artists from the West. The artists appeared and chaos broke out. The city responded, with much-needed materials supplied by the Solidarity Labor Unions.
—Joshua Selman


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