March 12th 2013
Re: Reminder: The Napkin Art Show Opens Fri 3/15, Paper City Studios
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Reminder: Crowds Of Up To 450,000 Draw Napkin Art
To Holyoke MA On Saint Patrick’s Day Weekend

For Immediate Release:
The Napkin Art Show

Holyoke’s Saint Patrick’s Day Parade attracts up to 450,000 spectators. The Napkin Art Show offers them an ideal occasion to commemorate the weekend.

Holyoke, MA (Artist Organized Art) February 12, 2013

Starting Friday, March 15, Paper City Studios is pleased to host The Napkin Art Show at its spatious street level gallery, named after Paper City itself. Paper City Studios is on the 2nd downtown canal at 80 Race Street in Holyoke MA. The Napkin Art Show, which accepts art on napkins of every kind, will run during Saint Patrick’s Day Weekend. Up to 450,000 participants are welcome to show, admire, sell, discuss and purchase napkin art during Holyoke’s notorious Parade Weekend.

Now in its 62nd year, Holyoke’s Saint Patrick’s Day Parade, the second largest in the nation, attracts more than 9 times Holyoke’s local population, swelling up to 450,000 spectators. The day before is the Holyoke Saint Patrick’s Road Race which packs the streets with thousands of spectators, putting the town in a frenzy. The downtown canal at Race street is where it all ties up. It’s an ideal occasion to commemorate the weekend by making, hanging, buying or selling art on a napkin.

This year Holyoke has reinvented itself by marrying architecture, infrastructure and technology with the arts. The Napkin Art Show makes art-making accessible to the widest possible crowds during Holyoke’s biggest weekend.

“Bring your napkin art (sketch, poetry, digital imagery, painting, etc.) that you make anytime, anywhere and in anyway. Bring friends or ask them to mail you their napkins. Here’s a chance to commemorate the weekend.” Says Kevin MacDonald who started The Napkin Art Show with the help of friends, Rosemary Barrett, Erika Knerr, Lisa Hoag and others.

According to Kevin MacDonald and Bruce Fowler (Art Director Of PCS80 Gallery – Paper City Studios) napkins will sell for only 2 dollars each. 1 dollar is for the artist. 1 dollar is for the event. Anyone is invited to bring up to 50 works on napkins to include in The Napkin Art Show at no charge. The schedule starts on Friday, March 15th with time to hang napkins from 3PM to 6:30PM. The show opens for view from 6:30PM to 8:30PM. Napkins start selling at 7PM. Saturday more napkins are hung, viewed, bought and sold from 12PM to 5PM. Sunday the off-beat commemoration runs from 12PM to 5PM or later to allow everyone who comes to the Parade time to hang their napkins.

Press Contact: The Napkin Art Show ( 1- 413-203-5234


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