Bonnie Marranca, publisher and editor

PAJ published these little-known zine-style magazines from
1979-82. Initially called 
Performance Art (then retitled LIVE), the seven issues focus on the performance scene of the 1970s, covering
New York, California, Canada, Europe.

The hot topics were acting vs. non-acting, intermedia, comedy, solo performance, new wave rock, gay and feminist performance, punk, the artist as businessman, new dance. 

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Laurie Anderson Cookie Mueller Yoshiko Chuma Club Foot Molissa Fenley Ida Applebroog Scott Burton Rhys Chatham Robert Whitman Glenn Branca Lydia Lunch Disband Michael Smith Stuart Sherman The Wooster Group Jessica Hagedorn Carlyle Reedy Vito Acconci Chris Burden Linda Montano The Kipper Kids Robert Ashley Jack Smith Paul McCarthy Carolee Schneemann Pauline Oliveros Barbara Hammer Joan Jonas Bruce Barber Chris Kraus Karen Finley Erica Beckman Ralston Farina Lisa Steele Rinde Eckart Jill Kroesen Thulani Davis Lucinda Childs Philip Glass Dan Graham Mabou Mines Bruce Barber Wolf Kahlen






Date of Publication: May 2015

Announcing PAJ 110:
  • Andy Warhol, Fred Herko, and Dance
    by Paisid Aramphongphan
  • Between the Wall and the Future: Report from Berlin
    by Matt Cornish
  • Urban Dramaturgies
    • New York City Landmark Performance by
      Bertie Ferdman
    • The Contemporary Encounter of Art and the City
      by Gavin Kroeber
    • Gülgün Kayim in conversation with Bertie Ferdman
    • The Dreary Coast by Jeff Stark
    • City of No Illusions by Jacob Gallagher-Ross
    • POV's Architectural Performance by 
      Kate Bredeson
  • Art & Performance Notes
    •  Theater der Welt Festival, Mannheim, Germany
      by Miriam Felton-Dansky
    • Neil Harbisson and Moon Ribas, Hyphen Hub at
      The Red Door, New York City by Ellen Pearlman
  • Play
    • Soviet Mass Spectacles and the Paris Commune
      by Daniel C. Gerould
    • The Paris Commune by Adrian Piotrovsky
      Translated from the Russian by Daniel C. Gerould
  • Books & Company
    • Artificial Hells: Participatory Art and the Politics of Spectatorship by Claire Bishop, Living as Form: Socially Engaged Art from 1991-2011 edited by Nato Thompson, and Live Art in LA: Performance in Southern California, 1970-1983 edited by Peggy Phelan
      reviewed by Jennie Klein 

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