Monday, September 22, 2008

Support Artists Not Bailouts
Donations Are "Deductions"

Your Tax Dollars At Work

by Artist Organized Art

At 700 Billion Dollars for the latest bailout figures it's a wonder there are any tax dollars left. We want to help put your tax dollars to work for programs that benefit you and your community. Before the Treasury touches them, donate your taxes to Artist Organized Art and keep them away from the bailout schemes. Here are some ways.

Suggested Donations:


$5.00 donation suggested monthly for 12 months




$33.00 suggested annual donation



$99.00 suggested one-time donation



You suggest an amount. From one to a million anything goes


Artist Organized Art is a federally tax exempt charitable organization under code 501c3. All donations are tax deductible.

Artist Organized Art, Inc. is a charitable organization enriching the lives of artists, organizers and the public through artist organized media, events and cultural education. Available to millions of digital media households, Artist Organized Art brings a trusted resource to local communities across a multicultural and diverse society. We exist only through your generous support and encourage you to deduct your donations to the fullest extent permitted by law at tax time.

We chose PayPal as our transaction service because it's time tested, safe and secure. If you don't have a PayPal account you can still use a card, if you do have PayPal log in first, then use the card.


Help fight fraud

When using a card, if you get the message:

"You cannot use an e-mail address or card number that belongs to an existing PayPal account... etc."

It means your card is already with a PayPal account. To fix this:

1. log in to your PayPal account first, then use the card


2. Use a card not with a PayPal account

PayPal does this to fight fraud. It's a bit tough, but we're for it.

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