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Sudden Fluxus Summer ( Soudain l’été Fluxus)
Passage de Retz

by Angie Eng

Curated by Valerie Maffioletti, Vincent Normand and Jacqueline Frydman
July 13-September 20, 2009
Passage de Retz
9 rue Charlot du Calvaire, Paris

It’s been a while since I contributed to AOA. I waited until I found the right event that would correspond with a video letter. What better project than a Fluxus exhibition. Moreover, the first historical Fluxus show in France, ever. The organizers embarrassed to admit such a fact, explained in the press release, the reason lie in the fact that the two main French Fluxus artists, Ben Vautier and Robert Filliou were little exhibited and therefore, why showcase a movement which excluded the French? Hmmm, I’m waiting for my Carte de Sejour (or ‘green card’) so I will not publicly comment on their reasoning.

‘Soudain l’été Fluxus’ (A Sudden Fluxus Summer) on display at Passage de Retz in Paris until September 20, highlights a great movement in art making and another boat I missed.

In the spirit, I respond.

Angie Eng

The many exhibiting Artists include Eric Andersen, Ay-O, George Brecht, Philip Corner, Jean Dupuy, Robert Filliou, Henry Flynt, Ken Friedman, Al Hansen, Geoffrey Hendricks, Dick Higgins, Ray Johnson, Joe Jones, Bengt af Klintberg, Milan Knizak, Alison Knowles, Takehisa Kosugi, Shigeko Kubota, Jackson Mac Low, George Maciunas, Richard Maxfield, Charlotte Moorman, Yoko Ono, Robin Page, Nam June Paik, Dieter Roth, Takako Saito, Carolee Schneemann, Daniel Spoerri, James Tenney, Yasunao Tone, Ben Vautier, Wolf Vostell, Yoshi Wada, Robert Watts, Emmett Williams, La Monte Young and many others such as John Cage, Allen Kaprow, Joseph Beuys and Henning Christiansen


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