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The issue of artist organized work interacting with a wider art market is going to be important to understand now. I have a fair amount of experience with the first part of that and some limited experience with the second. What happens in that moment when the different worlds of art merge (artist vs curator etc.) What does it say about individual artists vs groups?


#permalink posted by Artist Organized Art: 6/27/03 03:57:00 PM

hi everyone,

this is kinda neat. thanks for thinking about how we may all stay in the same room together. i hope that the new direction the gallery will take will promote what once was there…a community. i know in the recent years of much development, babies, work, 9/11 we have all taken somewhat personal paths. it was inspiring to see you all, like the good ol’days, at the table and discussing the future for each of you and as a collective. i am proud to have represented you and look forward to helping you out in the future in my different direction.

the LFG catalogue will be historical and it will be a wonderful tool and memory to have.

i will see you all soon when we can look at erika’s lovely creation and fine tune it all of our satisfaction.

take care and thanks,



#permalink posted by Lance Fung: 02:30:00 PM

Are impressionist paintings an example of artist organized art? It’s hard to imagine now with all the museum control of their work. I heard they organized their own galleries or shows.


#permalink posted by Artist Organized Art: 10:46:00 AM


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