hi everyone,

this is kinda neat. thanks for thinking about how we may all stay in the same room together. i hope that the new direction the gallery will take will promote what once was there…a community. i know in the recent years of much development, babies, work, 9/11 we have all taken somewhat personal paths. it was inspiring to see you all, like the good ol’days, at the table and discussing the future for each of you and as a collective. i am proud to have represented you and look forward to helping you out in the future in my different direction.

the LFG catalogue will be historical and it will be a wonderful tool and memory to have.

i will see you all soon when we can look at erika’s lovely creation and fine tune it all of our satisfaction.

take care and thanks,


#permalink posted by Lance Fung: 6/27/03 02:30:00 PM


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