Malcolm Goldstein and Pauline Oliveros, July 13 ‘03, Kingston NY

If You Weren’t There You Missed Something

Anyone who made it to the Pauline Oliveros Foundation’s space at the Rondout in Kingston, yesterday, for the appearance of Malcolm Goldstein was treated to the latest and probably the last word on gestural microtonal development, in a response to the legacy of e.g. Darmstadt, that was the ultimate touché. Goldstein’s development of every conceivable expression possibility within the scope of the bow-to-instrument interface left me asking where does the bow end and the violin begin? Likewise, Oliveros’ masterful harmonic development techniques intensified the premise of their microtonality which exhausts the research on where composition is bypassed by development at the site of the instrument itself. At times these two masters played with such freedom that one experienced music presented in positive exposure while, freely and suddenly, either performer could flip their expression to inter-negative. It’s a rare treat when performance space becomes available to this genre. 

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