An online forum for artists to discuss, review and organize art – amazing that the concept should feel so fresh in the year 2003 – but here it is, a frontier arts community, I imagine it will prove to be another jewel in the crown of our common wealth!

Josh, as I begin planning the upcoming season of my radio program, I look forward to interviewing you re: the genesis and vision of – as we stream live on the internet, those who live out of range of WXBC will still be able to tune in. Broadcast schedule and links will be posted here as the time draws nearer.

It’s always a pleasure to stake a small claim in the territory of information media, so shamefully dominated by corporate interests. I hope I can help facilitate dialogue and provide exposure in any way deemed valuable, and I will follow the development of this community with interest.

-Amber Dawn Buchholz

#permalink posted by Amber Dawn Buchholz: 7/18/03 03:05:00 PM


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