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Thanks to all for the growing interest and participation. I would like to clarify that while i have facilitated this common document by initiating its container, it belongs to all the contributors from the standpoint of content. So, it’s not mine alone. It belongs to all of us. The idea for it is not original. The results that flow out from it may, by contrast, be very original in nature. It’s up to you.


Historically, artist organized art has required self awareness since its inception. Globally, its text is written incrementally by the collective actions of its participants. This common document is only a new surface for its pen.


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My first entry to Josh’s new and brilliant site:

Just arrived in London from NYC en route to Cambio Constantin 1V in the Monesterio de Veruela near Zaragosa Spain.Nice flight, no sleep, incredible view of sunrise in the east from above the clouds. Soft blues and indescribable golds. Myopia gives way to a kind of vastness when see ing the clouds from their other side.

Cambio Constantin 1V runs from July 25 – August 3.

Updates, details and voices of the artists to follow. You can also check their site @ www.

I’ve come to Europe 2 weeks early to work on a project with London based Ghanain poet Fiifi Ishmael Annobil. Then to Rhondda Cynon Taft for a wedding of a match that sprang from an artists organized event last year.

A creative start to the month, been drawing and began working on the book in the garden of the October Gallery which is now showing a show of paintings by Peruvian artist Elvis Luna. All seems furtile ground for artist organized, or not so organized creative ventures. In search, for some reason, of feathers I received one from Tadashi and Laurel that travels with me from Brooklyn, another appeared this morning during my run in Regents Park. Maybe more along the route. we’ll see what the Welsh winds blow in.

Stay tuned.


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An online forum for artists to discuss, review and organize art – amazing that the concept should feel so fresh in the year 2003 – but here it is, a frontier arts community, I imagine it will prove to be another jewel in the crown of our common wealth!

Josh, as I begin planning the upcoming season of my radio program, I look forward to interviewing you re: the genesis and vision of – as we stream live on the internet, those who live out of range of WXBC will still be able to tune in. Broadcast schedule and links will be posted here as the time draws nearer.

It’s always a pleasure to stake a small claim in the territory of information media, so shamefully dominated by corporate interests. I hope I can help facilitate dialogue and provide exposure in any way deemed valuable, and I will follow the development of this community with interest.

-Amber Dawn Buchholz


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“When i look at innovations in art (probably elsewhere too) it is clear they occur in artist organized contexts – back into pre-history. I begin to doubt the innovative power of the individual and the innovative power of the corporation. When i dig a little i find an obscured grouping of agents.” — unknown


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artist versus art market issue?
the way to transcend is to reach a state of grace
the moment that you submerge fully
everywhere and nowhere
it is a moment that is a suspension and extension of a mental and physical properties of your body
it is a disappearance and temporary dissolution
in this point there is no reason to negotiate art versus market strategies
being in flow will abolish everything else
it is not premeditated or even intellectual
perhaps it is the end of art itself
but isn’t the end a beginning also?


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FF [Franklin Furnace] Alumns Nancy Buchanan, Lenora Champagne, Irina Danilova, Galinsky, Jeff McMahon, Pamela Sneed, Maciej Toporowicz, Jack Waters and Peter Cramer, Nora York, join “Barbara Bush,” and MC Reverend Billy. Featuring The Living Theater, Julie Atlas Muz, Jenny Romaine, Jennifer Edwards, Chris Rael, Missy Galore, Karen Jaime, Gecko, Marguerite Van Cook, Steve Wangh, and Renato Rosaldo performing for the Hemispheric Institute’s Anti-War, Anti-Empire Cabaret, 9 to 12 PM on Thursday, July 17 at the Kimmel University Center, Washington Square South at LaGuardia Place, 4th floor auditorium. This event will be streamed live at If you are a registered participant in the Hemispheric Institute seminar, the event is free; general admission is $10.00.


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“The art market seems to be distracting us from risk taking, human development, collaboration and freedom. When artists work with each other something interesting is bound to occur . . . no more postured genetically modified egocentric mannequins!”

– Jessica Higgins


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