August 2, 2003

Dear Friends,
In the early morning hours of June 24th the public building in which Performance Art Platform was situated burned down completely. The five-story structure completely collapsed, leaving no physical evidence of our ever having been there and of our fifteen years of activity, both in Shelter 209 and, in the past two years, at our new Performance Art Platform.

After the initial shock, we, the members of the ensemble and I, have decided to make the best we can of the state of events, by renewing our creative activity as soon as possible. We are currently seeking a new venue to work in, as well as funds with which to replenish our supplies, including the Performance Arts Archives we had started to put together, both Israeli and international, documentation of all of Shelter 209, including Dan Zakhem’s performances, etc.

So, we wanted to let you all know the situation we’re in. Also, if there happen to be any bits of documentation of any of our work that you may have and could send us a copy of, or press clippings that are relevant to us (all of that has been burned down too) please let us know. We are, of course seeking any aid in restarting our activities, so any ideas and suggestions would be highly appreciated.

I am currently preparing a new project with our ensemble of ten inter-disciplinary artists, including Israeli Jews and Palestinians, which deals with the parallel historical narratives in neighboring co-existence.

Looking forward to collaborating with you again soon,
Tamar Raban

Our new postal address is:
Shelter 209 – Performance Art Platform
P.O.B. 6747 Tel Aviv 61067
E-mail: Tel: 972-3-6812091 Mobile: 972-54-995580

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