I found this site for an artist organized event on a napkin at a Japanese restaurant in Tivoli NY last Saturday. The site is documented using a camera on a cell phone from which the picture was sent with no message and a cryptic voice memo. The dinner followed attending an opening at the Tivoli Artists Co-Op Gallery. This artist organized gallery is starting to draw impressive crowds. Usually the shows exhibit a desperate quality associated with limiting works to flat, portable visuals.A warehouse of collectibles to be sent via the snail process to sit over some unknown’s couch. However, i was impressed that they included a performance element by Women In Black. In their previous group exhibition this past August “Mixed Media” i saw works by at least 5 artists, including Jennifer Axinn, that were astonishingly good, unfortunately positioned as collectibles. Given the ease of porting visuals over cell systems i am conflicted about the speculation surrounding collectible formats.

#permalink posted by Artist Organized Art: 9/10/03 08:22:00 AM


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