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  • any orphaned wax museum
  • abandoned cinema
  • forgotten concert stage
  • might be diverted towards an artist organized venue

    > There is no reason to exclude entertainment venues from repurposing

    #permalink posted by Artist Organized Art: 9/12/03 12:28:00 PM

    Re: Bilbao

    I like the idea of a giant slime escargot. It would be nice match for the Puppy ( Jeff Koons ) who guards the entrance to the Museum. The giant slime escargot could be a mobile and robotic prop animated by remote controller in hands of retarded midget ( a tribute to David Lynch as well as to the uncertainty principle )
    To make the beast eatable we could construct it out of marshmallow.
    You could watch art while you eat it and therefore be a part of semi-religious communion.


    #permalink posted by Maciej Toporowicz: 9/11/03 06:28:00 PM

    Towards A Proposal

    After a survey of this year’s crop of Museum shows, it seems the only use these ethically empty places can offer is to physically empty themselves of has-been art objects and slick entertainment offerings. The spaces would better serve the needs of large scale artist organized art events. Perhaps the Bilbao site should be the starting point, as there is so little possibility for pre-existing non site-specific work to make use of the hollow shell. A gigantic slime covered snail would make more sense in this space than an exhibit of professionally postured theme driven curatorship. Has anyone done a survey of the total exhibition space of all Museums world wide in square feet.

    In terms of materials it will be necessary to empty some of the museum of stored works to make room for sleeping quarters and fabrication facilities. Additionally, it will not be necessary for the general public to attend the events as the justification for their involvement today is simply that the buildings stay up on public funds. Artists organizing art events should help cut the financial reflex forcing the public to consume works chosen by a small group of curators. This confidence reversal indentures the public through institutional hypnosis.


    #permalink posted by Artist Organized Art: 9/10/03 11:10:00 PM

    some time ago our svengali behind the blog asked me to write about the bilbao gug mus
    i told him
    it was an insult to the idea of a place to show art
    art there is unshowable
    the only piece acceptable there is a piece by jenny holzer
    and this place needs some radical match up
    to it’s magnificent architecture

    i propose to get rid of all the art there
    let’s transform this place to a giant workshop for artist organized art !


    #permalink posted by Maciej Toporowicz: 09:25:00 PM

    I found this site for an artist organized event on a napkin at a Japanese restaurant in Tivoli NY last Saturday. The site is documented using a camera on a cell phone from which the picture was sent with no message and a cryptic voice memo. The dinner followed attending an opening at the Tivoli Artists Co-Op Gallery. This artist organized gallery is starting to draw impressive crowds. Usually the shows exhibit a desperate quality associated with limiting works to flat, portable visuals.A warehouse of collectibles to be sent via the snail process to sit over some unknown’s couch. However, i was impressed that they included a performance element by Women In Black. In their previous group exhibition this past August “Mixed Media” i saw works by at least 5 artists, including Jennifer Axinn, that were astonishingly good, unfortunately positioned as collectibles. Given the ease of porting visuals over cell systems i am conflicted about the speculation surrounding collectible formats.


    #permalink posted by Artist Organized Art: 08:22:00 AM

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