I went with Erika Knerr to The Brooklyn Museum Sackler opening to “accidentally” run in to Wasko the organizer of Construction In Process and the Artists Museum in Lodz. I was told he would be there that evening. While keeping an eye open for him, I found myself wandering amongst crowds, crossing big open interiors making my way to the Elizabeth A. Sackler area, a whole section of the Museum devoted to feminist art and education. Cycles of life, birth and death, a woman sitting on a tree with golden cords wrapped around her perched above our heads. At first we weren’t sure if she too was made of wax. One couldn’t miss The Dinner Party, Judy Chicago’s permanent installation. A flashback to years ago… college, I admit to being impressed. Around the corner was a tombstone and Wasko never showed.

j.h. (originally published 3/28/2007)

#permalink posted by Jessica Higgins: 4/01/07 01:26:00 PM


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