Lincoln Center Out Of Doors
Elaine Summers
The Hidden Forest
August 23 ‘07, New York City

Choreographer: Elaine Summers

Dancers: Dale Andree, Joshua Bisset, Harriet Bograd, Meg Chang, Jessica Higgins, Kiori Kawai, Thomas Kortvelyessy, Laura Quattrocchi

Composers/Musicians: Pauline Oliveros, Jay Clayton, Thomas Houser, Carman Moore, Ann Hurley, Lotte Arnsbjerg

Artists: Alison Knowles, Davidson Gigliotti, Murphy Gigliotti, Taketo Shimada, Laura Quattrocchi, Miana Grafals

Assistant Choreographer: Rebecca Loukes

Budget/ Accounting: Debbie Goldberg

Production Designer: Murphy Gigliotti

Organizational Consultant to Miss Summers: Meg Chang

Communications: Jonathan Gill, Cody Hughs

The influential intermedia artist Elaine Summers performed her new work “Hidden Forest” at Lincoln center on August 23rd during twilight. I was one of the eight diverse dancers to participate in the alcove of trees and inside Elaine’s images of dancers floating among the leaves and weather balloons.

During the previous months Elaine began the process in her loft with balls of many shapes, sizes, textures and colors. I often felt that her in depth anatomical and healer’s knowledge could scale to a planetary dimension. She would work with a dancer’s injuries and then spark their kinesthetic imagination. Elaine innovated much of her vision within the framework of the unique qualities that each dancer had. She spoke many times of Dante, of a hidden forest, which inspired her work:

“Midway in the journey of this life
I came upon a dark forest,
Where the path was lost.”

As time rolled by she mesmerized us as only Elaine Summer’s can as we watched her visions of forest and creatures from our context. We were visible and invisible, darting and spinning, and images or sparkles seemed to flash by.

Dale Andree missing – apologies, we wish we could find her pic.
She is a wonderful dancer.

#permalink posted by Jessica Higgins: 8/23/07 08:22:00 PM


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