LIVE FROM CAMOUFLASH: Artist Organized Art will be reporting from Poland at Camouflash,
an international artists meeting event and exhibition to be held at
Patio Art Center, of
The Academy of Humanities and Economics, in Łódź, Poland.
The show will take place 12-27 October 2007, opening on friday, 12 October.
Stay posted for coverage, documentation, commentary, interviews and more.

International Artists Meeting
12 – 27 października 2007
curator: Mariusz Sołtysik

rationale: The contemporary culture is rather pictorial in nature, idea has been marginalised. The plethora of pictures in our lives induces a sense of being lost, or immunises us against them by creating and augmenting trite reception of such pictures, which, consequently, makes them neutral (e.g. another murder). Obviously, such trite and superficial reception is also true of religion, art and its products. On the other hand, noticeable social behaviours indicate an urge to appear in the media in a short flash of an advertisement or reality show. This urge replaces the essential question: “what idea do I want to pass across?” or “what is my principal message?” People appear to participate in the social and cultural life, but on the level of entertainment, rather than inclusion or reflection on human existence. The present-day society seems to be complex, however, following the thought of Jean Baudrillard, it is rather a mass that is “an opaque nebula whose growing density absorbs all the surrounding energy (…), to collapse finally under its own weight. A black hole which engulfs the social.” Before the black whole is formed, however, there is a short, yet spectacular explosion, followed by a collapse of a massive star. Relating this to human behaviours, perhaps this flash is the one and only opportunity to step out of obscurity before disappearing and being absorbed by the mass? To what extent, then, is this flash true and is not a camouflage, a desire to be somebody else for a moment? It seems that just to induce the question “who am I and what am I doing?” is in itself a great success. Mariusz Soltysik

The Camouflash

Janusz Baldyga – Poland; Olga Bergman Iceland; Charlie Citron Nederland;
Martina Galvin
Ireland; Kristaps Gulbis Latvia; Shilpa Gupta India;
Jessica Higgins
USA; Gabriele Horndasch Germany; Ahn Hyun-Ju Germany;
Eric Van Hove
Belgium; Adam Klimczak Poland; Erika Knerr USA;
Anna MacLeod
Ireland; Christine Mackey Ireland; Tomasz Matuszak Poland;
Aisling O’Beirn
Northern Ireland; Mariusz “Benek” Olszewski Poland;
Mariusz Sołtysik
Poland; Ewa Szczyrek-Potocka Poland; Suzy Sureck USA;
Richard Thomas
Australia; Miyuki Yokomizo Japan and others…

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