an international artists meeting

curators: Mariusz Sołtysik, Aurelia Mandziuk

coordinators: Agata Nowicka, Małgorzata Nowak

Erika Knerr

The exhibition is currently on view until 27 October 2007 at Patio Art Center, The Academy of Humanities and Economics, in Łódź, Poland. Below are some shots of the opening night, friday, 12 October. The evening started with a press conference at the Patio Gallery space with the artists, curators, staff, students, faculty and public.

Participants and guests then moved across the courtyard to the Camouflash exhibition spaces.

Shilpa Gupta from India showed large photographs on the outside front of the building and Kristaps Gulbris from Latvia installed a signpost titled, “No Security Cameras Here.” An intermedia peformance by Jessica Higgins took place at 6:30 pm called “Poem Song.” She was assisted by Erika Knerr with saxaphone performed by Tomasz Ogrodowczyk.,20071008575548.strona

Participating artist Anna MacLeod (right) from Ireland discusses with viewer the research wall of drawings, photos and text for Olga Bergmann’s video based on the poet Julian Tuwim from Lodz and Oscar winning actress Judy Holliday (Judith Tuwim), who are both distant relatives of Bergmann from Iceland.

An opening goer interacting with Irish artist Christine Mackey’s intimate video “Beyond Soundings – (mobile shrine)” which is a ‘tourist’ record of an event at Wagah Post, a road crossing that divides India and Pakistan.

“Nicknames” by Aisling O’Beirn from Ireland.

A video and table made for Camouflash event by Janusz Baldyga from Poland.

Eyeballing “Perfect Symmetry,” photographs by Tomasz Matuszak from Lodz.

One of the younger opening attendees taking in the ceiling installation of butterflies by Miyuki Yokomizi from Japan.

photo credits: Mariusz Sołtysik, Pawel Pilat, Erika Knerr, Kristaps Gulbris

Feature articles about Camouflash will be published throughout the following weeks.

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