The Arabbers – Gaia In Sandtown
Four Baltimore Generations, Oct 13, 2012

Gaia, 2012, Arabber Full Wall, Baltimore: The Arabbers on Fremont and Laurens in Sandtown
A portrait of four generations, from Manboy the great grandfather to Fruit’s son
Arabbers sell fruit and vegetables from horse drawn carriages city wide
The portraits are set with art from produce boxes


by Gaia

photo: M Holden Warren
Janessa Wells

Date: Sat, 13 Oct 2012 08:45:47 -0400
Subject: Gaia Arabber Wall
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Just finished a very rewarding wall, here is a little background. Attached is a package of the finished documentation and process shots.

“The Arabbers are a dying Baltimore tradition of horse-drawn fruit vendors that have long been a staple of this remarkable city. I was attracted to this particular stable in the Sandtown neighborhood preparing for a documentary. These men and women define hustle, trotting along both desolate and vibrant landscapes selling their goods and making ends meet. This mural depicts four generations starting with the great grandfather Manboy in the middle and to Fruit’s son on the top right. The arabber portraits are mixed with the logos on the containers in which their produce comes: a global economy meets a fading, tough tradition.”

Just finished a new wall in philadelphia will send shots soon.

Please credit M Holden Warren and Janessa Wells for the photography.

very best
much love

Gaia, Arabbers, Horse-Drawn Fruit Vendors, Arabber Wall – Project Detail

Gaia, Junior, Arabber Wall – Detail

Gaia, Frog and Manboy, Arabber Wall – Detail

Gaia, Arabbers, Horse-Drawn Fruit Vendors, Arabber Wall – Project Detail

Gaia, Arabbers, Horse-Drawn Fruit Vendors, Arabber Wall – Project Detail

Gaia, Arabbers, Horse-Drawn Fruit Vendors, Arabber Wall – Project Detail

Gaia, Arabbers, Horse-Drawn Fruit Vendors, Arabber Wall – Project Detail

Gaia, Arabbers, Horse-Drawn Fruit Vendors, Arabber Wall – Project Detail

Gaia On Horse, Fruit and His Son, Right, Arabber Wall – Detail

Sandtown-Winchester is a neighborhood in the West District of Baltimore, Maryland. Known locally as “Sandtown”, the community’s name was derived from the trails of sand that dropped from wagons leaving town after filling up at the local sand and gravel quarry back in the days of horse-drawn wagons. It is located North of West Lafayette Street, West of North Fremont Avenue, South of West North Avenue, and East of North Monroe Street, covering an area of 72 square blocks, patrolled by the Baltimore Police Department’s Western District. Noteable Residents: Cab Calloway, Billie Holiday, Thurgood Marshall, Little Melvin

Gaia, a Baltimore-based street artist, whose name stands for Earth Goddess, is known for using animal imagery to convey nature’s voice in urban landscapes, often evoking a sense of mythical feedback as an omen from global warming. Other subjects include portraits of urban developers Nelson Rockefeller, Robert Moses, Henry Flagler, James Rouse, Le Corbusier and Mies van der Rohe. Gaia recently curated the multi-site mural project Open Walls Baltimore (OWB) which was scheduled to include fellow artists Maya Hayuk, Swoon, Chris Stain, MOMO, Freddy Sam, Jaz, Jetsonorama, Overunder, Vhils, Nanook, Mata Ruda, Specter, Interesni Kaski, Ever, Doodles, John Ahearn and Sten & Lex. “The carrier pigeon perched within a hand is an image that I have revisited many times in the past year. Much like the hybridized creatures I have produced in the past, this gesture displays a moment of domination and submission but also of steward and nature. Pigeons are beautiful creatures and one of the few that can tolerate the city. This print is a celebration of a dying urban sport and of an unsung animal.” – Gaia
Purchase Gaia’s limited edition print “Carrier Pigeon.”
Size 22 x 28 inches, Edition Limited Edition of 135, Materials: Three Color Hand Pulled Silk Screen on Coventry Rag, 100% Cotton Archival Paper
Gaia was recently commissioned by the Baltimore Museum Of Art

Open Walls Baltimore is an unparalleled street art project managed by and located in the Station North Arts & Entertainment District and curated by Gaia. The finest and most widely recognized street artists from around the world mounted an outdoor exhibition of extraordinary murals that enliven public spaces, stimulates community revitalization and national dialogue, and attracts visitors and investors to Station North with the installation of over twenty murals.

Map Of Mural Locations
Artists include: Gaia (Baltimore) – 1 W North Ave, Momo (New Orleans) – CIty Arts, 440 E Oliver St, Doodles (Port Townsend, WA) – 1539 N Calvert, Maya Hayuk (New York City) – 1715 N Charles Street, Ever (Buenos Aires, Argentina) – 10 E North Avenue, Overunder (Reno, NV) – 329 E Lafayette Street, John Ahearn (New York City) – Installation at Station North Arts Cafe, Specter (Montreal) – Joe Squared (North Avenue and Howard), Mata Ruda (Baltimore) – 1700 Latrobe, Josh Van Horn (Baltimore) – Guilford and North Avenue, Jessie Unterhalter & Katey Truhn (Baltimore) – St Paul St at Lafayette Ave, Freddy Sam (Capetown, South Africa) – Lafayette Ave at Charles St, Intersni Kazki (Kiev, Ukraine) – Complete (Maryland Ave at North Ave), Gary Kachadourian (Baltimore) – Barclay St at Lanvale Street, St Paul and North Avenue, Chris Stain (New York City) – 1701 Latrobe, Jetsonorama (New York City) – Barclay and Bowen Alley, Swoon (New York City) – Pittman Place, Sten and Lex (Italy) – Barclay and McAllister, Nanook (Baltimore) – Barclay and Lanvale, Jaz (Buenos Aires, Argentina) – Barclay St at E Oliver St, Vhils (Portugal) – 1539 N Calvert St

Documentation: Open Walls In Process, A Walk Through With Gaia, May 4, 2012
Artist Organized Art

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