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May 11th 2013
Re: GAIA An Overnight Success On KickStarter, Please Keep Giving
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Organized by GAIA
| Arabber Mural Project – KickStarter – This project will be funded on
May 19. Please keep the donations coming.. the more you donate the more they can paint. There are many works rewarded to donors at all levels

Arabber Mural Project
Crowd Commissioned Overnight On KickStarter

Artists Mata Ruda, LNY, Nanook and Gaia will come to Baltimore, Maryland to paint for the Arabber stable on the West Side. The commissioned artists will use the story and experience of Baltimore’s fruit sellers to produce murals that span all of the inside and exterior of the Fremont stables. The paintings are part of a larger plan that will be implemented on behalf of the Arabber Preservation Society in the near future to make the site into a visitor center and provide the necessary renovations to the preexisting stable. Risks and challenges: “Only an act of god could prevent this project from coming to fruition. The artists are poised to paint rain or shine and have worked together extensively in the past. Baltimore is an extremely chill place to produce public art and permits are not necessary to paint publicly, even if one person were seriously injured during the mural painting we could continue with their guidance.”

Why Continue To Donate:
More funds mean more paint, a chance to celebrate with the wider community, the possibility of circulating funds to the community through artist transactions and more commissions for more artists. Please help make crowd commissions a successful alternative for artist organizers by donating to the Arabber Mural Project organized by GAIA.

Visit the KickStarter Page
, Learn More, Donate, Browse Rewards


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