The Artist as organizer; as outpost to the only way of pure observation of the moment. This is an energy that has fueled me and many others into action. I began work inputing and organizing all the written texts by and of Lucio Pozzi in 1988 at 142 Greene Street in Soho after meeting him at the School of Visual Arts. Lucio was my earliest mentor as an artist activist, organizer and contemporary renaissance thinker. This is where New Observations was made. The brain child of Lucio and a small group of friends who got together in the early 80s and started making a magazine. It’s premise was to invite a different guest editor for each issue. Eventually artists submitted proposals for issues as well. In it’s 20 year+ run as an artist organized contemporary art journal it published the voices of thousands of artists nationally and internationally and was a place where “artists speak for themselves.” I eventually became the Art Director and General Editor, when Ciri Johnson left around 1990 and Lucio turned the magazine over to the able hands of Diane Karp. Lucio remained very much involved in the publication to the end. I think the last issue came out in the Fall of 2001. I would love to see both Lucio Pozzi and Diane Karp contribute to this site.

The guesture of invitation is a key element of the artist organizer. As with the events of Construction in Process, an artist would invite one other artist to participate. This site and medium is very well suited to the moment and a welcome outlet and container for the artist’s voice here and now.

Thank you for inviting me to participate in this exciting venue.
More to come.

Erika Knerr

#permalink posted by Erika Knerr: 7/23/03 10:47:00 AM


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