What a good timing with the opening of this website!
We, Paco Simon and I, are just practising artist organized art in the Monastery of Veruela, Zaragoza, Spain: we are organizing Cambio Constante IV, a yearly visual arts event in Zaragoza, Spain.
We have invited 15 artists this year, among them Suzy Sureck, who already mentioned the event in her contribution. Also are here Maciej Toporowicz, Hartmut Boehm, Monika Brandmaier, Yaacov Hefetz, Sharif Waked, Christopher Snee, Jon Tarry, Susken Rosenthal, Benoit Maubrey, Sally Gutierrez, Alberto Andres, and now I have to go quick and get from the train station Josip Bace and Bozo Jurjevic.
(…That is what artist organized art really means…) So I will continue tomorrow to tell about the event here and insert some images.
Ginevra Godin

#permalink posted by Ginevera Godin: 7/26/03 09:35:00 AM


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