OK I am in Spain
We are staying in 12th century monastery
It is over the top here
I produced my wine two days ago and used specialy designed labels.
It was a bit of a suspense for me because the labels show torture devices used by Spanish Inquisiton in 16th Century.
I was afraid that they will hate it..LOL
The owner got a bit stiff when he saw it, but my smooth talking friend Paco sailed us out of the trouble..LOL
Today we shot a comercial for my wine which is called The Spanish Blood. I play a vampire who shows up in the young girl bedroom and proceeds to bite and drink her blood.
All very pro, with lights and the crew
In the last shot, I stand with a bottle in my hand and say, DonĀ“t Drink Blood, Drink Wine…LOL
There is a never ending supply of wine and [***] here
We end up in the Church after midnight everyday , fool around and make music and perform.
Last night we did a prformance on 10 cell phones, drums and flamenco dancer. I will perform my dub hymns and songs on Friday in the Church again.The freedom here is the key. If I want to do something like this in Polish or American church
they would lock me up ..LOL
This part of Spain is very intense and has a great vibe.
Bunuel and Goya come from here and the whole area is known for witchcraft and witch conventions..so I feel home here..LOL



#permalink posted by Maciej Toporowicz: 7/30/03 08:36:00 AM


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