hello friends in your situations I in mine in Barrytown New York. I am just encountering a shipment of work from Germany delivered to Jess and Josh in Upper Red Hook. I am of two minds now, astonished to see so much of what I did in paper and cloth from more than a year ago, and then, what shall I do with all these objects and panels so I don’t have it insinuating on my new works in the space or in my mind. Oh my. I want to send it all to Venice but Emily can’t take it right now. I have trouble storing work away.

I want to show these things to us. Maybe the thing to do is open my Barrytown shop to all of you to visit! I’ll make an art show and I’ll make a soup and we can sit in the back yard and look at the upended tree. It’s only 2 hours from New York city. Contact me on the Artist Organized Art common document. Write and visit. It’s all here.

the other thing is the Fluxus in Nice, south France for early September. I can take a few things in my bag but we will do alot of performances. Just be sure to show us what you are doing and don’t leave it stored forever in a barn somewhere. There is always more where that came from. When I get back from Nice I’ll tell you what happened. I have enjoyed reading what people are doing here alot. Clearly Josh has a great idea here.

also, read Walter Benjamin’s Arcades.

#permalink posted by Alison Knowles: 7/27/03 08:14:00 PM


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